About School


A Catholic school is a learning community animated by the Divine spirit of love and freedom and living the gospel values while concerned primarily with the all round growth and development of the catholic student. It shares Christ’s concern for the liberation and fullness of life of all people especially of those in greatest need.

In our schools young people of any religious family find scope within their cultural milieu to reflect on their lives in the light of their faith and to develop not only in knowledge and skill but also inner wisdom which is the fruit of reflection on life and its lessons. As they grow toward human maturity they are enabled with the help of the Divine Spirit and the support of the school to find meaning and purpose in their life and are inspired to live and work for the building up of a just and fraternal society.

St.Charles High School, Vakola is affiliated to the Arch Diocesan Board of Education, Mumbai and Maharashtra State Board of Education, Mumbai. It is situated in Vakola village, Santacruz East, Mumbai. It started as a Primary School in 1968 and upgraded in 1971. It prepares the students for Secondary School Certificate Examination and also for the Government of Maharashtra Drawing Examination.

Today we find new ways of keeping alive the vision of our founder and pioneers within the world by preparing our students through holistic education. They are sent forth as channels of peace with integrated personality to become the beacons of light to the world which is groping in darkness.