The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo was founded in 1684 by Fr. Adrien Bresy, Parish Priest of Wez (Diocese of Tournai, Belgium) to impart Christian Education to the poor children of his parish. The year of the foundation of the Sisters of St. Charles, coincided with the death centenary of St. Charles Borromeo. Therefore, Fr. Adrien Brezy, pointed to St. Charles Borromeo, the illustrious Cardinal of Milan, who inspired him and whom he admired, who had the same ideals and the same spirit as he, who followed the hard and narrow way to reach the heights of sanctity, as the Patron of the new born Congregation. He wished the Sisters to follow in his footsteps, to live up to his ideals and be guided by his way of life.

In keeping with our charism, we the Sisters of St. Charles Borromeo devote ourselves unsparingly to the task of imparting Christian education. In order to remain faithful to our founder’s vision, the apostolate of our congregation is directed mainly towards the poor and the marginalized without any distinction of caste or creed.