Education Logo

The emblem of the Congregation and the motto inscribed on it “Toil, Faith, Progress” appropriately characterizes our institutes. The Sisters faithful to their Motto, live by faith, constantly at work, urged on by an ardent desire for progress.

The spirit of the institution is symbolically expressed in its emblem. It is nothing but the spirit of the life of St. Charles lived out in the 16th century in total commitment and faithfulness to the will of GOD. The same spirit has been passed on to us down the ages and well depicted in the Coat of Arms.

The centre of the emblem is occupied by the shield. The colour blue depicts the colour of the mantle of Mother Mary. The red colour of the shield characterizes the loving heart of Jesus and His sacrifice for the redemption of humankind. The golden beehive is flanked by bees of golden hue on either side. Above these are found the letters S.C.B. (ST. CHARLES BORROMEO) in silver, entwined with a golden chord. The whole shield is surrounded by lilies and violets, in the midst of which is our motto – Toil, Faith and Progress. The entire crest is surmounted by a Cross, radiating the rays of Divine Love.  The beehive represents every institution of St. Charles inhabited by busy bees – all working together for the common goal.

  • The Cross      –           Love and Sacrifice
  • The Shield     –          Justice and Equanimity
  • The Beehive  –          Unity and Team Spirit
  • The Bees                –           Hard work, Competence and Loyalty
  • The Letters SCB   –           Communion and Harmony
  • Lilies and Violets –           Purity, Simplicity and Humility
  • The Motto             –           Toil, Faith and Progress.