Excellence in Academic Achievement


St. Charles High School has a 50-year tradition of excellence in education. High standards, strong motivation, effective discipline and an atmosphere of caring combine to foster excellence, and a high quality of student performance is supported by the evidence.

St. Charles students score significantly higher than national and local school averages on standardized and State testing. Research shows that because of a greater emphasis on both academic and non academic subjects embedded in human values, students develop more effective study and self-discipline skills which lead to improved academic performance. St. Charles students know the value of time and are well-prepared academically for their further studies.

While providing a stimulating and demanding education, St. Charles High School gives students a high level of individualized attention and personal sharing. This commitment is reinforced by  Language Lab, Drawing Classes, Cookery, and sports activities also for those experiencing difficulty in reading, writing, and arithmetic remedial instructions are provided by our faculties.

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