Farewell to Rev. Sr Jacinta


On 1st of May ,2017 School bid farewell to our beloved principal Sr.Jacintha , as she is transferred to OLPS High School, Chembur. She served the school for 18 years. The entire Charlesian family is indebted to her for her selfless service. It was a very heart touching ceremony.

Thank you Sr.Jacintha. All the best for your new assignment.

I name you Diamond

Clear and brilliant

Rare and unfound

Like a rare gem found in the depths of the earth. You are one of those precious jewels of whom there is a dearth.

After giving a deep reflection we have chosen this theme for you – Diamond “Precious and Rare”. I am sure the entire Charlesian family; our students’ staff will agree with me for the same. Precious and Rare – There are of course many reasons for this rarity.

So I stand before you with mixed feelings to express my gratitude. I feel  I must say with pride to  recognize, respect and appreciate all that make her Precious and rare.

You are an Outstanding Leader

Dear Sr.Jacintha as a principal in charge of all faculty, staff and students in the school, you exhibited strong leadership skills. You put everyone else’s needs ahead of your own and constantly worked to create positive changes in the school. As the leader of this institution, you took willingly its success and failure is in your hands.

You are a People Person

As a principal, mentor and a sister you constantly made your presence known. You put more efforts into getting to know the students and teachers, and made a greater impact. The simple act of smiling at people and with respect you set a tone of positivity for the entire institution.

You are Fair and Reasonable

It’s human nature to have favorites, but you did not give anyone preferential treatment. Your hard work made this institution a great school community where students feel safe and they are treated fairly.

A Problem Solver

As the school principal, students, parents, teachers, faculty and staff viewed you as the ultimate problem solver. . You remained calm, considered all options and offered a completely unbiased opinion to settle the matter. You empowered teachers to offer solutions to problems in the school, rather than relying solely on you to initiate change. This created a culture of people who want to contribute and make a difference, rather than waiting for change to find them.

You are an exceptional Listener You never knew who was going to walk into your office — and often at times it’ was not easy  going . As a principal, you let the people knew you care by listening to what they had to say. Often times, you were able to diffuse the situation just by allowing the student, parent, teacher or staff member to vent. Listening to a person makes them feel like they matter and it really means a lot when they can get a few minutes of the principal’s time. So dear sister you were an exceptional listener.

Dedicated As a good administrator you showed your dedication to the school and the belief that all decisions must be made in terms of the best interests of the students.

For a school to be successful, the administration, teachers, parents, students and support staff must work as a team. Principal must work with the staff to make school a welcoming place for all students and their families. Sister —- you have succeeded in building a strong school community.

The dedication you have shown

In excellence the school has grown

The credit you must own.

And everything you have earned

May you live life to the fullest

We thank you for all your efforts and hard work. Of course, I know how painful it is, to say goodbye to someone who is dear to us. However, we all need to express our sincerest gratitude to you for all your uncommon contributions to realizing the educational programmes and development of the school.

It’s the biggest challenge in losing a leader like you. There is no other can fill you shoes. Your absence is a blow. But it’s going to be great boon for the school where you are appointed. Yes, the loss of St.Charles will be benefitted by them.

We wish you good health and happiness!

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